Best Formats for Everything

PDF is the ultimate format for sharing.  Save documents in Open Office or MS Word to PDF with the option in the File menu.  When uploaded to your website, current browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge open the PDF right there in your browser window.  Nice!

Another thing, if you need to send anything to the Print Shop, you won’t have to risk losing your fonts and layouts, as long as you Save OR Print to PDF.  That’s good to know!

When it comes to images, you’re best to go with a PNG because it is a lossless format.  It doesn’t lose quality like a JPG does when its edited and re-saved.  Now you know….

The best audio format is AAC – rich and near CD quality.


Google Chrome


Mozilla Thunderbird

BEST OFFICE SUITE [text editor, spreadsheet, draw, presentations]

Apache Open Office



My top 5 programs!

Mozilla Thunderbird – for email

iTunes – for organizing and playing music

Photoshop – for editing photos and creating simple graphics

Illustrator – definitely for signs and logos

Chrome – fastest browser on the block.


Now, for a little joke.  Why do computers come with Microsoft Edge?  To download Google Chrome.  Ha!